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VELV is always in search of new and exciting partners with music briefs from Record labels, Film & Tv companies, Gaming companies & Advertising Agencies worldwide. We accomplish this by monitoring the market and leveraging an extensive international network . This approach helps all of our users save time and money when using VELV.

To offer our users official music briefs, one must go through a verification process to publish a brief. The brief is posted in the app, detailing the kind of music sought for their artist, film, or other music projects. Once A&R/Music supervisors receive their demos, they make decisions and notify the creator by sending status updates through the app’s build in tracking system. In cases where a demo sparks interest, it's the responsibility of the A&R/Music supervisor to contact creators and advance the process further.


One of the significant challenges for music creators in the industry has been establishing the right connections. Now, you no longer need to live in a big city, know the right people, and waste time and money on travel. Velv democratizes and establishes the infrastructure for the future Brief and Pitch process. We achieve this by monitoring the market and utilizing an extensive international network. This approach enables our users to save time and money when using VELV. Browse through a multitude of music projects and pitch to the genre and market that aligns with your style. The motto is simple: 

The creator focuses on the music while VELV facilitates the music briefs.

How does it work?


A&R ́s and Music supervisor publishes their music briefs into the app


Producers/Songwriters submits their music through the app


VELV reviews the submitted music with its own Screeners to ensure it aligns with the briefs ,then forwards the selected songs to the A&R/Music supervisors.


The Producers/Songwriters receive updates on the various stages of the pitch progress through the App ́s dedicated tracking system.


When a song captures interest , it's then up to the A&R or the Music supervisor to reach out to the Producer/Songwriter


VELV Screeners are carefully selected and have a wide professional experience in the music industry with a clear understanding of song briefs and demo pitching. Our Screeners has an incredible variety resumes such as:

  • Award winning Producers
  • Hit songwriters
  • Mixing and mastering engineers
  • Artists
  • Dj's
  • Recording engineers
  • Managers
  • Publishers
  • A&r

How does it work?

The VELV screening process consists of three steps to ensure that the submitter has a fair chance, and that the client /A&R receives songs that match their brief.


Screener 1:

Every submitted demo is meticulously reviewed, ensuring that each one aligns with the provided brief guidelines.


Screener 2:

The submissions that were not forwarded are undergoing a second opinion review to ensure that the correct decision has been made.


Screener 3:

A final screening is done before delivery, and the results are sent directly to the client/A&R, who then makes the final decision.

The entire process is tracked and communicated directly to our users through our in-app notification system. If the submission captures the client/A&R's attention, they will contact the submitter directly through email.